Biology Colloquium Series

The Biology Colloquium is a weekly seminar held throughout the academic year, featuring distinguished speakers in many areas of the biological sciences, from universities and institutions worldwide. More information on speakers, their affiliations, and titles of their talks will be added as available. Please check back regularly.

The Colloquium takes place at the Stata Center's Kirsch Auditorium, 32-123, at 4:00PM on most Tuesdays during the school year and January (Please note some location changes as indicated below). Refreshments are served at 3:45 outside the seminar room.

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Spring 2014






James Bradner
Dana Farber
Randy Chipperfield

"Chemical modulation of chromatin structure and function" Chipperfield Committee
1/14 James Bear, UNC-Chapel Hill "Fibroblast Chemotaxis: An old problem with new surprises" Frank Gertler

Bruce Yankner, HMS (Glenn Lecture)

"Systems Biology of the Aging Brain"

Leonard Guarente

1/28 Tarun Kapoor, Rockefeller University        
"Examining how nanometer-sized proteins measure micron lengths in cells"   Iain Cheeseman
2/4 Robin Lovell-Badge, NIMR 'Coping with life-changing events: Stem cells, plasticity, and regeneration in the CNS and pituitary" David Page
2/11 Jeroen Saeij, MIT 

"Susceptibility to infection: a complex interplay between host and parasite"


Tania Baker
2/25 Peter Walter, UCSF CANCELLED Susan Lindquist
3/4 Jacco van Rheenen, Hubrecht Institute (NL)  "Intravital imaging of cancer plasticity    through imaging windows"

 Frank Gertler


James Berger, John Hopkins
John (Jack) M. Buchanan


"How deep is the rabbit hole: the unending complexities of a "simple DNA remodeling match" Angelika Amon



Dr. Karen Adelman, NIH/NIEHS

"Regulating signaling networks through pausing of RNA
polymerase II" 
Chris Burge
4/1 Deepak Srivastava, Gladstone Institute "Cardiac Reprogramming: From Developmental Biology to Regneration" Laurie Boyer

Sung-Hou Kim, UC Berkeley 

Alexander Rich Lecture

"On the Prediction of Genomic Susceptibility for Cancer" Shuguang Zhang

Joseph D. Puglisi, Stanford University

"Dynamics of Translation" Uttam RajBhandary
4/29 Susan Gasser (Sakler Lecture), FMI (CH) "Roles for heterochromatin in development: a study in C elegans" Phil Sharp
5/6 Carla Shatz, Stanford University
Francis O. Schmitt
"Surprise at the synapse: unexpected role for MHC Class I in synapse pruning and plasticity" Susan Lindquist
5/13 Geraldine Seydoux, John Hopkins University School of Medicine "Spatial patterning in the cytoplasm: protein gradient and RNA granules" Terry Orr-Weaver
5/20 Karen Vousden, Beatson Institute (UK) "The role of the p53 pathway in metabolic adaptation and survival"  Jackie Lees




Named Lectures


Thanks to the generousity of our donors, the Biology Colloquium Series has a number of special lectures, named in honor of members of the MIT Biology community: